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Davood Roostaei at the Newseum, Washington, DC  "Barack Obama: The One!"  2009

The unique paintings of internationally acclaimed artist Davood Roostaei

Winner of the “CHANGE” award at “OBAMA: THAT ONE!” on Sunday, January 18 at the Newseum, the world's most interactive and modern news museum. Honorees included Hill Harper, actor,

Author, activist and founder of the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation and Beverly Bond,

Founder, Black Girls Rock. John Read, Senator Roland Burris and Kimatni Rawlings.

The newest 7' x 12' foot painting by Davood Roostaei titled "I am Obama" depicts the story of approximately 45 important white and African American leaders through slavery, the American

Revolutionary War, Abolitionist Movement, Civil War, Reconstruction and Civil War

The fight for rights until the day President-elect Barack Obama made history. With up to 4 layers

"I am Obama" contains images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X,

and Elijah Mohammad, to name a few.

Davood Roostaei, the world-famous artist, paints President Obama.

Photo Gallery Newseum Washington DC.

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