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Davood Roostaei's painting style

Davood Roostaei's painting style

This is a huge leap for the development of a consciousness that is more comprehensive and comprehensive than that which is usual at the current level of evolution. But changes in consciousness that occur more quickly than the natural course of evolution dictates are not without obstacles and even dangers.

This can also be seen in the way Davood Roostaei works. He doesn't go to the canvas, but "it pushes, pushes and pulls me."  He does not conceive the content of his forms beforehand; He doesn't think of the diverse possibilities for puzzling his forms in advance.

He himself only sees his figures emerging from a rich network of relationships during the painting process and later when he looks at them.

He often falls into a trance-like state while painting.

Instead of using brushes, he paints directly with his hands, and the grooves in often very pasty mounds of paint are the traces of his fingernails. He paints with his whole body, almost dancing, shaking his arms and hands.

"It's like the paint is flowing out of my fingers," he says. "I don't even look at the palette, it's like my fingertips are recognizing the colors." A painting spree of three days and nights ended for Davood Roostaei three ago years in hospital.

Driven from deep within, his consciousness had withdrawn so much from the physical that he did not notice the signals of impending chemical poisoning from his paints and finally collapsed unconscious.

He cannot say whether he ate or drank during these three days.

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