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“Light and Shadow” is the name of a painting by the internationally recognized artist Davood Roostaei, who has lived and worked in Hamburg since fleeing Iran 40 years ago. The painting behind Plexiglas shows five Hamburg mayors with their portraits.

What the “Light and Shadow” campaign has to do with the painting and with the non-profit Hamburg youth organization for children injured in accidents. 


250 guests applauded when President Ute Pape ceremoniously unveiled the painting "Light and Shadow" by Davood Roostaei in the "Studio Cryptorealism" (Eduardstrasse in Hamburg) yesterday.

The artist portrayed Mayor Ortwin Runde and his predecessor Henning Voscherau on Plexiglas,

Klaus von Dohnanyi, Hans-Ulrich Klose and Peter Schulz. The so-called “cryptorealistic” image is used to support an action by moderator Peter Sebastian. The special thing about the painting: the viewer can see it in daylight

the mayors of Hamburg, small name fields light up in the dark in phosphorescent colors.

The idea: Sponsors can be entered in these fields who support the youth organization for children injured in accidents with a donation. 


Picture on Sunday

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