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Davood Roostaei the matador

Davood is a matador - a fighter


He fights against time in the arena of his life - the wall between now and forever.


His sword is the steel indomitability of his will not to bow before the power of fate.

Recognizing the true greatness of humanity demands one's duty,

and so it is Davood's calling to defend it against suffering, oppression and degradation.

Comparable to David, who set out resolutely and unprotected to free his Israel, because the man's true strength lies not in the willingness to shed his blood, but in the courage to make the decision to challenge the seemingly invincible.

His muleta is the canvas.

Just as the bull suspects his enemy behind the enticing movements of the red cloth, so too is the provocation of the colors and their infinite meaning in Davood's pictures.

The colors that stand out like the matador's chest, bravely opposing what seems to be rushing towards him inexorably:

Time and its moral decay.

But Davood is the winner.

When you experience him, when he takes you into his pictures, there is no longer any time.

She died suddenly on the wall of canvas and paint, while you have long been experiencing the secrets of the fourth dimension with him behind it.

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