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Davood Roostaei in his studio in Los Angeles.

Davood Roostaei


1959 Born in Sarab, Persia


1974 Prize as is miniature


1977 After graduating from high school, he completed his art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran


1981 cultural trips to Egypt, India and Russia, politically persecuted and imprisoned in Iran.


1984 resumed studies in Cologne


1988 solo exhibitions in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Hanover and Cologne


1990 emergence of cryptorealism, further exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn, Frankfurt


1998 'Diamond of the Year' award in the visual arts category

2001 Awarded International Honorary Ambassador by the Association of Ambassadors without Borders from Berlin


2002 Golden Youth Award, honorary award for his art movement cryptorealism in Los Angeles


In 2003 he received his Dr. Degree in Philosophy Healing Arts from UCLA.


2004 Exhibitions in Dubai, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Monaco, Rome, Nîmes (France)

In 2006 he was awarded the title of Professor of Painting by the UCLA University of California in Los Angeles.

2007 Publication of the book "Davood Roostaei and the Manifesto of Cryptorealism".

2008 Davood Roostaei will be at the awards ceremony  "OBAMA: THAT ONE AWARD!"  at the Newseum in Washington D.C. Excellent.

2014  Davood Roostaei was honored with the Honorary Humanitarian Award at the AFRICA OSCARS in Beverly Hills.

2016 Art 4 Peace Award, Honorary Prize in the category: Painter


2019 Taar Award American & African Recognition Award

2021 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing, China

2023 Died unexpectedly in Los Angeles on March 10th.


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