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This is what manager Klaus Dieter Schmidt says about Davood Rooistaei

Klaus Dieter Schmidt


KDS Artist Management

Artist manager Klaus Dieter Schmidt Excerpt from the family painting
Family painting Goobye Germany

investment in art.


Real art has lasting validity and increases in value over time. Because art acts as a universal medium between people, across epochs. The creative moment of art, the artist's ability to create a vision,

that turns the pure idea into a valuable reality, this ability is also available to those who understand art as capital. Investing in art means unlocking the global treasure of ideas and increasing its value.

Today, this no longer just happens through the natural, age-related increase in value of existing art,

but also through current art, it was from the very beginning that strong artistic abilities of particular contemporaries such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Salvador Dalí and Davood Roostaei, whose works took the art market into account in an impressive way.

Klaus Dieter Schmidt 

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