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This is what Michael Schmidt says about Davood Roostaei

Michael Schmidt



Head of the Schmidt family


Nichael Schmidt Excerpt from the family painting Goodbye Germany
Family painting Goobye Germany

I was very impressed by the person Davood Roostaei


I first saw Davood when he appeared in 1998 with the  ‘Diamond of the Year’ was awarded in the visual arts category. When he gave his acceptance speech, he said,  that there is only one truly true artist - namely God. We are all brothers - no matter what skin color you have or what religion you belong to; We all live together in the big house called Earth. I was very impressed by his speech full of emotion!

When I found out that Davood was having an opening in Bonn, I decided to take a look at this exhibition. I was very curious to see what else I could find interesting about this artist. When I stood there opposite him and talked to him in person for the first time, I realized that my first impression had not been wrong. Davood is a  Do-gooder, a personality with humanistic thoughts, a man with great intelligence - a world artist in a class of his own.

Michael Schmidt

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