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Oswald Schmid about Davood Roostaei
Oswald Schmidt detail from the family painting Goodbye Germany
Family painting Goodbye Germany by Davood Roostaei

Oswald Schmidt


Police officer

Multiple German champion and European champion in boxing

Former President of the Association of Ambassadors without Borders in Berlin e. v.

Co-founder of the “BFIK”  Federal and International Artists Association e. v.

You don't often get to know a personality like that in life Know Davood Roostaei

On the occasion of the 'Diamond of the Year 98' award ceremony, Davood Roostaei's cryptorealism art movement was awarded an honorary prize. Here I also learned Davood Roostaei as a Humaniknow people and people. In return for the award ceremony, to the astonishment of guests and audience members, he donated an impressive five-figure sum to disabled children in order to finance the purchase of elevators for the disabled.

October 30, 1998 was also a fateful date for our Association of Ambassadors Without Borders. As Vice President of this association, I got to know Davood Roostaei in a personal conversation and was astonished to discover that the main idea of the association, namely the commitment to international understanding at the level of art and culture, had been reflected in his art by the lone fighter Davood Roostaei for many years and is embodied in his personal commitment.

For his part, Davood Roostaei was pleased to see that the visionary objective of the BBoG - an IKSZ (International Cultural and Sports Center) also fit into his own visionary worldview. The founders of the BBoG - Germans, Americans, Russians, Ukrainians and French - saw the possibility of creating an international organization in the implementation of an IKSZ
to create a neutral place where the peaceful interaction of peoples and nations to form a united world community could be rehearsed on a smaller scale. The BBoG was founded in 1992 at the same time as the completion of Davood Roostaei's Holocaust picture. The Holocaust image has a special meaning for our association today and greatly influences its work.

The picture shows the essential features of the history of the Jewish people right up to the horrors of the Holocaust. Beyond the story of the Jews' suffering, it also speaks the language of communication - it reminds us of the commonalities of the three major world religions in monotheism - it says that there is only one God and whose message to people is FAITH, HOPE, LOVE.

Thanks to the inspiration of the Holocaust image, the focus of our work today is project management with children and young people. We see this as a good basis for success in the effort to reduce cultural differences between Christians and Jews so that greater understanding for one another can grow.

Oswald Schmidt

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