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Magical Hands / Davood Roostaei

“My pictures speak for themselves,” says Davood, “my language is a language for all people.

With my bare hands, like a cave painter, I want to capture feelings and sensations directly on the canvas.

My pictures feel something of the sensual and spiritual energies,

that are released when painting.

The colors pour out of my hands like glowing lava, so that the structure resembles a new volcanic mountain.

But there are also moments of concentration, of meditation, where I work with the dedication of an icon painter.

While painting I feel completely like God's instrument, the only true creator and artist,

who guides my hands and fingers and charges me magically."

For all humans,

who courageously walked the path of love and humanity and showed others this path. For those of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Davood Roostaei

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