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This is what manager Klaus Dieter Schmidt says about Davood Roostaei
This is what Michael Schmidt says about Davood Roostaei
This is what Oswald Schmidt says about Davood Roostaei

We, the Schmidt family and a few private art collectors and connoisseurs of Davood Roostaei are making cryptorealism accessible to a broader public. Klaus-Dieter Schmidt is currently planning openings in some major German cities. In addition, several galleries and museums are interested in the family's art collection.


The Schmidt family's art collection in the art style of cryptorealism will then be accessible to a wider audience. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to meet the founder of cryptorealism, Prof. Dr. Phil. To get to know Davood Roostaei and his art better. At our vernissages you can see his  Experience the artistic style that you created yourself at the beginning of the 90s, cryptorealism, up close in a casual setting.

Davood Roostaei the founder of cryptorealism

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, a new stylistic term appeared in art literature and soon afterwards in international art criticism and in the culture section of major daily newspapers: 'cryptorealism', understood as a variety of the universally widespread postmodernism.

The founder of this new way of painting and seeing is Davood Roostaei, a world artist from Iran who, after fleeing Persia, lived and worked in Germany for fifteen years before moving to California in the USA in 2000.

It is still difficult for art critics to understand that after all the artistic revolutions of the century, all of which originated in the West, a Magnus from the deeply veiled and iconoclastic Orient is entering the stage of world art: a wondrous painter in the guise of the Three Kings, who sets out to revolutionize the era's painting style once again and confidently disregards all the rules of postmodernism to create a new style.


Davood Roostaei is the pioneer of cryptorealism.

Klaus Dieter Schmidt

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